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about me

​​My name is Gabriel Alfonso Aguilar, the creator of GAAS Rabbit Studios.

I am a Honduran Cajun American artist. A 2014 LSU graduate in with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. I have been creating art and design for 19 years. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Throughout my time working in different places, I've learned new techniques and different styles of illustration and design. 


When it comes to graphic design, I've picked up a variety of skills to properly create signs, ads (for print, web and social media), business cards, posters, flyers, brochures, letterheads, forms, presentations, booklets, logos, vehicle wraps, promotional products, and t-shirts. 

As for my artwork, I like to draw and sometimes incorporate a mix of design (such as adding an element of typography) to my pieces. Many of my illustrations consist of fantastical, surreal, and magnificent images that consist of humans (or human anatomy), robots, creatures, and figurines.

I am fascinated by Surrealism. The images are supposed to be reflections from the subconscious.

Dreams are also my major muse while creating. I am developing a new Surrealist technique that I call Acromentalism. It's a mix of Decalcomania and Automatism.

These pieces can be seen in my Art picture gallery.


I am fascinated by the depths of the psyche to find hidden images and messages.

These elements tend to be a focal point in my pieces.

The intention of my work is to allow the viewer to go on a visual exploration of the mind.

Have them participate in "Mental Acrobatics" if you will.

Allowing a unique experience for every individual.

Graffiti, street art, cartoons, music, and video games are also a major influence to my work. 

I'm inspired by mythological creatures, monsters, satirical characters and everything in between.

I can create a world in only black and white, or one that is full of color.

If you need any GAAS Rabbit services, which include, Professional Graphic Design, Digital Illustration and/or Commissioned Artwork (drawings or paintings), please feel free to contact me

via email or check out my or instagram: @gaasrabbit


"Good Art Goes to Heaven, Bad Art Goes Everywhere" -Anonymous
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